Latitud Sur supports autochthonous projects thanks to the solidarity travels and external financings.
To follow us in this commitment is to make the choice of a respectful and solidarity tourism.
This double commitment gives us a certain on-site expertise and a legitimization in the communities.

Discover the projects that LATITUD, as an NGO, support, implement or intend to perform, in the part “COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT” (click on left part of the image hereabove). These projects intend to reinforce the identity of autochthonous communities, working in several areas like traditional medicine, land use and property, natural environment, agriculture and its ancient techniques, economical resources, support through their confrontation with modern dominant society. And know by clicking on right part of the image: “SOLIDARITY TRAVEL” the ethical, eco-tour or cultural travel options in Latin America that we propose you to discover the people who we work with, as well as our projects context.